We create narratives that inspire opening of minds, lead to understanding of the ‘other’ in humanity, and thereby challenge viewers to contemplate the ‘wicked problems’ confronting the world and the role we have in solving them.



We create both docu-series as well as short and full-length documentaries. Updates on our current projects will be released as soon as possible


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Launched in 2017, GENESIS FILMS is dedicated to projects focused on the coming into being of something; tracing the origin of the people or an issue to its root causes.  Too often issues and people are examined in their current context, resulting in simplified views of what are highly complex problems, or, a 'wicked problem'. 


A 'wicked problem' is one that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete information, contradictory policies, and shifting requirements that are often challenging to recognize. The connotation of the word "wicked" has evolved to signify resistance to resolution, rather than evil.  Such problems are often the result of social complexity or interconnected issues, where it becomes impossible to solve the issue with a single resolution. Additionally, because of these complex interdependencies, the efforts to resolve one aspect of a 'wicked problem' may reveal or create other problems. 


It is these wicked problems which GENESIS FILMS projects focus on to unravel the many interconnected factors, creating narratives that challenge viewers to contemplate solutions and remove resistance to resolution.




Art, Like Morality, Consists of Drawing the Line Somewhere.

Oscar Wilde

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